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New Delhi (India), April 21: The world is beginning to move towards slow fashion, and it is an encouraging shift. The idea of slow fashion is to create clothing with the intention of lasting for years, not just for a season.

This means that people are becoming more conscious of the environmental and ethical impacts that come with the production of clothing and are seeking to reduce this. It is a movement that will take some time to become mainstream in India, but it is already beginning to affect the way that people shop. The rise of sustainable fashion brands and the emergence of initiatives to reduce waste in the fashion industry are creating a discussion about how soon the world will move towards slow fashion. 

Slow fashion is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular, with people now choosing handloom products over power looms. Additionally, people are now opting for clothes made with natural fibres instead of synthetic fibres, which is beneficial to both the environment and our health, as synthetic fibres can be a cause of cancer. The slow fashion movement is still in its infancy, but it is quickly gaining traction, and it is likely that more people will be embracing the idea of slow fashion in the upcoming years.

Choosing a handloom product made of natural fibres is a difficult task these days, as some sellers in India are taking advantage of customers by selling power loom products as handloom products. This has been proven through the discovery of samples of power-loom fabrics being mislabeled as handloom, as well as of powerloom fabrics in stores that had been advertised as handloom. It is important to be aware of such practices, as not only do they take away from the true beauty of handloom products, but they also mean that customers are being cheated out of the quality and value of their purchases.

If we look at the statistics for the year 2018, total handloom cloth production has been recorded at 22,480 million square meters. But according to the annual report of the Union Textile Ministry, the total production of handlooms was only 8,007 million square meters in 2018.

This means power loom produced 14,473 million square meters of power loom products and sold them as handloom products in the domestic market. Necessary steps need to be undertaken to amend Sections 8 & 9 of the Handloom Reservation and marketing of handloom reserved items by power loom units.

Dishonest practices are being employed by some sellers to deceive customers, and this should not be tolerated.

For example, the question arises as to whether it is ethically acceptable to utilize Ajrakh hand block printing on power loom fabrics and then market the resulting product as a handloom item.

It is important to remember that handloom products are crafted with care and dedication by talented artisans and should not be misrepresented by falsely claiming they are handmade or handloom. 

Misrepresenting products as handmade or handloom when they are made with a machine is dishonest and misleading to customers. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that if an item is marketed as Ajrakh hand block printed fabric handloom, then the fabric used to make it must also be handloom and not powerloom. 

Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide if a product can be labelled as a handloom product if it is not fully handmade.

More about us, our award-winning weavers & artisans from across India have put their years of expertise into creating our handloom pieces. And that’s why we offer a 365-day warranty. 

If you ever feel that your purchase is not handmade or our products are not made of 100% natural fibres, you can return them and receive a full refund. 

Plus, as a bonus, we’ll reward you with 25,000 INR (300 USD) for your efforts in helping to support the sustainable handloom industry and its weavers.

You can always blindly trust our brand, Handlooom.com, for authentic handloom products made of only natural fibres.

Our all-natural, handmade products are woven together with only natural fibres, without any synthetic additives. As one of India’s leading eco-friendly clothing brands, we take pride in our commitment to nature-friendliness and responsibility. Our designs range from traditional to contemporary, ensuring that we provide pieces that appeal to all ages and tastes. Every product is weaved with the utmost care, ensuring that we are creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Most of our handmade products come with the “Handloom Mark” provided by the Government of India, while our silk products come with the “Silk Mark” provided by the Silk Mark Organization of India—a society set up by the Central Silk Board of India.

Shop from Handlooom.com for peace of mind!

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