Going back to roots with stay desi

December 8: Whether it’s in the realm of business, the arts, or start-ups in Bangalore, we are always eager to connect with individuals engaged in interesting endeavours. In one such instance, we had the opportunity to meet a fascinating entrepreneur who aspires to revolutionise the food industry, particularly the fast-food scene in Silicon Valley and throughout India, in the years to come. Say hello to Chandana Tribhuvan of the stay desi fame, our designer turned food technologist.

The appropriate brand narrative for stay desi is “necessity is the mother of inventions,” which is followed by their tagline “your daily dose.” As interior designers with a flair for engineering, Chandana describes her company as an amalgamation of design and engineering. This has greatly aided them in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of foods that are synthesised under the guise of taste and health in order to satisfy people who are constantly on the go.

They took action that could benefit many of us corporate hunters and busy bees equally in response to the influx of eateries in the city and their catering to demanding professions. Chandana remembers how challenging it was to maintain a balanced diet while juggling life and her job. “The major reason why individuals nowadays don’t perform at their best is due to food heavy in preservatives and inexpensive components. When the body’s insulin levels are high, productivity drops and the body becomes sluggish and that’s where the idea of stay desi was born. Chandana realised it was past due because all of the cosmetic alterations had done little to improve her health or boost her output. She consents to experimenting with various dietary supplements and energy drinks in order to better understand what her body requires. All I had to do, she says, “was go back to my origins and modify the way I eat.”

Stay desi learned that sun drying is an ancient practise that guaranteed the quality of food without changing its chemistry after speaking with a few family elders who are food wizards and alchemists. They went one step further and bought a dehydrator, set up a manufacturing line, and started experimenting with fruits, vegetables, and even some closely guarded biriyani and pulao recipes that belonged to their grand parents’ family. The nutritional values remained unchanged when checked. The values per unit were actually better.

Since the body absorbs nutrients better in the mornings, Chandana continues, “we wanted to make sure we had a good breakfast before work but not too high on only carbohydrates but also other nutrition’s. We wanted a combination of healthy fats, nuts, and fruits to pack a punch. Already popular are our smoothies ABC juice and Nutkut”

We investigated the ingredients for ourselves and realised how much effort the brand had put into it, from soaking the nuts to quality sourcing, R&D, and accurate dividend calculations. This process would take us around two to three hours if we attempted it on our own. The juices and smoothies are the ideal daily dose to start with. Contrary to other breakfast options they keep you active in the gym, on a walk, or at your workplace while being energising and gentle on the stomach. You’ll save a tonne of time and effort by using these mixes that are ready to use.

The methi pulao and biriyani evoke nostalgia and genuineness, making them rare collectibles. Boiling water is the sole item needed to make pulao into a flexible supper. In just five minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch that was created from scratch. After 80 years, this recipe has been brought back to you. The versatile biriyani masala, adds Chandana “are a big hit at gatherings and we’ve had fantastic compliments from all of our clients, who even tried it as a BBQ masala and loved it!

As a country of food lovers and celebrators, Stay Desi is so loyal to its name that we implore you to support businesses that inspire change and bring you back to the origins of cuisine. We hope that innovators, rebels, and change agents will take our lead and help to make the world aware of the amazing work this start up is onto! Please get in contact and keep up with this remarkable brand.

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